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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Me, You, and the Cockroaches

When Prince died a month ago, I read that Jehovah's Witness folks believe that there is no soul; you just cease to exist, even though they believed in resurrection.
I have had my battles over what I believe in my nearly 46 years on this earth. I was brought up to believe that Jesus died for our sins, and even when things don't go your way, "God always has a plan" for you.
I look at folks like Donald Trump as they spew their hate and ride the wave of people who feel the same, and I wonder if things like this is part of the "plan." I have seen things that defy explanation; no scientific fact, but it simply happened. I don't believe in good or bad luck, even though enough bad things have happened to me, my wife and my children. I have never understood how those who find pleasure crapping on people get over, while good people suffer (or die way too young, which is a silly catchphrase; you die when you are supposed to die...the only “non scientific” thing I generally hold as absolute truth).
I know you are not supposed to question God and what he allows to happen (remember, if what the Bible says is true, we did pretty much ask God to butt out, which he obliged us). I know personally that since I have done things that he would not approve of (including a couple of things that if my mother was well she would not be happy with me with) I did bring a lot of things upon my own shoulders. I believe Karma is real...it is simply God standing out of the way while we pay for whatever sins we may have committed years past...or just a few minutes ago when we stole the pink sweeter from the restaurant.
I have spent the last several years of my life screaming as loud as I can for we as human beings to treat each other just a little better. When I look at a lot of my friend’s profiles and list of friends, as we are wont to do, we associate with people who think like us, look like us, talk like us, believe in the same things. This “separation” keeps us from getting to know the “differences” in people, so we form our own opinions based on innuendo and old lies. I believe there was a bible story once where God (don’t remember why) decided to scramble the languages of the human race, which is why there are 100’s of dialects on this planet today. It is another one of his “plans” that I wonder what went into that decision, if God actually makes “decisions” like the creatures he created out of love. It has led to wars, rape, murder, and just plain nastiness, just because we don’t bother (or cannot) understand one another. It is the reason there is an Al Kaida or an ISIS. Or a black man is considered a “thug”, a Asian person is “smart” or Latinos are...well, whatever those who don’t get think whatever they are.
God exists to some folks, while others are convinced we are simply finite creatures, genetically set to disappear at a certain time (whether by accident or natural causes), and that is the end all of everything. I think about Prince and all the music that he left behind that I hope that one day (once all the legal stupidity gets over with) we will get to hear. He has a legacy; I don’t know know if his music will be listened to hundreds of years later like Beethoven or Mozart, but I think it has a shot. As for what he believed in as a Jehovah’s witness, I pray he is wrong. One of my biggest fears about life is that we are no more important than a roach or fly, serving no purpose but to exist for a little while, then are snuffed out and are like we were never here.
I guess that is the main reason why I got myself published and I blog. More than the money, more than anything, I want folks long after I was gone know that I was here...that I mattered. That whatever God’s plan for me is/was that ultimately it was the best thing for me...and him.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I Think I Think When I Think About Peanut Butter

There are times where the late nights remind me about how cool it is to be alive.
Now they loneliness part sort of sucks, believe me.  My spouse (at least for another week anyway) goes to bed, and I sit here with my thoughts, the quiet of the house(beyond the occasional sound of settling) providing my soundtrack.
On Wednesday I really didn't want to go to work, wishing I had a day off with my girl. 

I just feel sometimes that I am wasting my precious time doing what I am doing. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that I am gainfully employed after nearly 7 years of the opposite.  I have taken steps to lighten my financial load (even though, just like Al Pacino said in "'Godfather 3" I am getting "sucked right back in.")

As I look at the clock, it is 1:01 am.  I tell an associate and co-worker
regularly that I would love to push the "I resign" button that we have at work (serously, there is a button on our Intranet that will allows usto quit with the push of a button) and be free.  Sunny days before the heat of summer are so refreshing...and depressing.
I am jealous of those folks who work for themselves that, while they work a lot harder and longer than we other folks can also go outside and say "ahh, I don't have a lunch hour' I have a lunch afternoon if I choose."
That ain’t too shabby when it comes to power.
 I am at a weird place in my life.  As I age, I think about my mortality.  My man Prince was only about 11 years older than I when he left this mortal coil. And he ate veggies and whatnot.  I
think my biggest fear when it is time for my clocked to be punched is to leave accomplishing NOTHING.  Yeah, I have published 5 books.  That is pretty cool.  Yeah, I am a dad to 2 boys who, when they want to be, are pretty damned special.  But what I am saying is to do something besides existing.  I mean, anyone can exist, sloth around through life and then die. 
To me, that isn’t a life; that is an opportunity wasted.
I want to get an opportunity, seize it, prosper and grow.  I want to not only put up pretty pictures, but to have pretty thoughts and attitudes and dreams.  A lot of folks think that I think that money is what I seek for happiness.  Money only helps pay for the search and puts a few things at ease.  Nah, I want to be able to put my head down at night and say the following as I drift off to sleep...
That, my friends, is what makes Greg go.
Oh, as for the whole peanut butter thing? 
We had Chinese for dinner, since Carla had a massive migraine,and I am not checking to cook after dealing with taxpayers all day.
Sadly, Chinese doesn’t hold.  I was hungry.