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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Entertainers who are people of color usually, intentionally or not, subconsciously or whatever, are usually judged more harshly than their caucasian counterparts, especially if by their behavior they are considered the proverbial "asshole" or "bitch.". 
For example I hear that Kanye West changed his name to "Ye." 
Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Kanye's music, and he is immensely talented, despite his mind-numbing arrogance. 
However, don't think homeboy has quite been right since his mom died. Also, well, he does tend to put his foot in his mouth.
But the worse thing he has done, truly, has been putting his foot into his mouth.
Self inflicted, but harmless to anyone else.
Yet he his despised (and aligning himself w/Trump isn't exactly a great career move) by folks on both sides of the aisle (by the way "Ye", when you piss off your people after most Caucasians think you are an asshat, you end up on "Celebrity Fit Club" or "Dancing with the Stars." Not good for a guy who has won a shitload of Grammys).
Beyonce and Jay-Z...immensely successful folks of color, has done numerous charitable things, especially for folks of color that generally they don't advertise. Beyond Jay's drug dealer past, they have never been in trouble with the law and generally keep their noses clean.
Yet a lot of my caucasian associates can't stand them.
Of course, methinks part of it is a lot of white folks can't deal with when black folks do well....especially when they do MUCH better than the folks that are hating on them.
Jealousy crosses all barriers, but folks of color who are successful gotta watch what they say or what they do, or they get convicted...even when no true "crime" was committed.
William H. Cosby is a convicted sexual offender. He got his just desserts, and will probably die in prison.
Yet a man who, let's face it, lied his ass off under oath on Thursday is probably gonna get, IMHO, the most powerful job in our country. 
Ted Kennedy got a female killed in a car accident. Served in congress till the day he died.
Now Clarence Thomas (who I personally think is a scumbag, race be damned) did get away with shit. So did OJ (even tho the dumb as, after getting away with murder, robs somebody and goes to jail anyway).
So ever so often famous folks of color get a pass.
But no matter what argument presents itself to me, you will never convince me that assholes are judged more harshly when the tan doesn't fade away over time.
Personally if you are a bitch or a dick, I could care less if you use aqua net or cocoa butter.
But as I said before, when you are guilty the day you slip out of the vagina or the c-section, it isn't good to add asshole to the mix.
It rarely turns out well for us, no matter how many zeroes you have following a number in your bank account.

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