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Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 ain't a joke, but r we?

In about 12 hours or so, the worst thing to happen to the U.S. since I've been spouting bullshit will come 10 years past, and the majority of network coverage will involve remembering, ceremony, and politicians pretending to give a shit 'cuz they know they need to look good.

November is a comin', if ya didn't realize.

I am sure all of us remember what we were doing and where we were when the news of this horrible occurrence starting filtering everywhere. I was working for a major wireless phone company (who majored in shitting on its employees; but that's another piss in the the toilet bowl of history), and my wife on only 17 months at the time, if memory serves, told me on the phone that a small plane crash into the Twin Towers. As that this has happened b4, I figured "well, that sucks", but thought nothing of it.

She then called me several minutes later, and that small plane became two big ass airplanes, and, well, the rest you say is sad history.

Now, I am not going to rehash how I felt (born and raised in NYC, feeling that my hometown, even though it hadn't been my home town in well over a decade at that point, had been raped and violated; wondering how most of my family was, as that they were in screaming distance of the planes, and not knowing for hours how my mom was - she had to literally walk a good chunk of the distance home, from what she told me), but I remember the entire country coming together that day, and the days ahead, forgetting about all the bullshit that tends to seem to always wreck us as human beings.

We became, well, human beings at that moment. The crazy SOB's who had guts, men and women, running into buildings that they wouldn't come out of. The real "Avengers" who said "kiss my ass, if I'm gonna die, I am gonna fight" when they fought those assholes who were so obsessed by their beliefs, they figured "hey, let's prove a point by flying a big ass bomb with wings into shit."

While part of me would like to point out a few things about that day, I will only say this thing that has always perturbed me 10 years after this whole sad thing took place.

What happened to that human being thing?

We had the white powder in ur mail thing, and level orange, blue, fruit loops, whatever, the fact that Homeland Security is sort of a joke, bleeding money and doing nothing (wait, isn't that how government works?) and everything else that has occurred (or not occurred) since.

Yet, as soon as we were able to say "whew", we became bitches, assholes, racists, jerks, fools, arrogant, and everything else we as human beings are way too good at doing to each other.

Yet tomorrow, for one day, we'll sing "Kum by ya" and act like we all love each other.

That, well, is as almost as said as 9/11/01, when that plane hit the big tall buildings touching the sky.

I guess I wish that more times that not, we wouldn't have to have the President of the United States fly into NYC, then PA, then DC again and talk to families, and make a good speech, and folks hold hands and cry and be sad...and good to one another.

For all those folks that dread this day because they lost someone, may the Good Lord touch your sadness and bring back good memories of those folks to help you through.

For the rest of us?

It's too bad that "Kum By Ya" isn't a way of life, instead of an annual tradition.

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