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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 and 11 and 11


Well, obviously today is a somber one for Americans.

Today wasn't somber for me...not because I feel little of 9/11.  I was born and raised in NYC.  11 years ago, I was working for a company called Cellular One/Cingular Wireless/Now AT&T that doesn't work worth a damn.  My wife, who was pregnant and didn't know it at the time, called me at said that a small plane flew into the World Trade Center.

Today, I got up and got a call from my mom about my dad, who is in a nursing home.

11 years ago, my wife told me a little while later a second plane flew into the towers.

Today, I balanced my checkbook and sighed, because I am one broke dude.

11 years ago, before there were HDTV's that you could afford, a big ol' box of a TV was rolled into the call center I worked for, and there wasn't much work done.

Today I went to BW3's and had a Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Cherry Coke, and some "chips with cheese."  Not healthy in the slightest.

11 years ago, I couldn't reach my mother, aunts, and a number of family members because we were thrust into the stone age, and phone service didn't exist to the East Coast.

Today, I had to pick up a mower, spending money I didn't have, so that I wouldn't be fined for having grass so high, my fat ass dog almost got in it while going out to take a poop.

11 years ago I was so upset, my boss at the time asked if I needed to go hom.  I told him no...I needed the money.

Today, my wife and I rented a movie, and was surprised that the flick was much better than I thought it would be.

11 years ago...we, for a little bit, were united.

Today, before all this started, I shook my head because we are so disconnected, it's like we dropped the puzzle that was put together that day, watching it smash into all its pieces.

11 years ago...well, I don't know.

Today, I still don't.

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