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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Dark, Dark and What The Fudge Confection


I want all of you to take a moment.

Just a brief moment....especially if you have chosen to read my little bit of scripting.

If you are at a point in your life where you can enjoy friends, your family, vacations, have a retirement plan, accept the fact that you are aging, blessed with determination to make it no matter what...

...say thanks to whatever god you choose to worship, because I am truly jealous of you.

If you know in your heart that if you lost EVERYTHING...home, property, possessions, whatever...and you would shed a tear, dust yourself off, and go get it...then you are one of the ones who were brought up right...and I salute you.

For those folks who like myself have a special needs child, and are able to get what the child needs so he or she actually has a chance to prosper in this fucked up world...well, awesome.

Those same folks who have those rough times when that child's wiring has a major backlash...and you can not give up...well, I wish I had ur strength.

It is a dark time...temporary, perhaps, but it is dark right now.

People are good at giving advice when they are up...at times I wonder if that advice is something they follow if they ever suffer a tremendous loss.

I guess that is the true testimony of their spirit if they can.

Before I go, I remember when I was in college...whenever I was in a bad place, I'd pull out my boom box with cd player (yes, I am old) and blast "Purple Rain" over and over again.

It is one of those tunes that sounds hopeful, yet sad at the same time.

It's rough to not be dug by folks...used to it though.  Life is truly about choice, isn't it?

I am glad for those who have chosen wisely.

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