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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A tale for your tail

A short one today...just something that was floating around in my head a little while ago.

(Note, I am once again that "unemployed dude."  Hopefully temporary.  Wanna help?  Buy my kids book and give it to ur nephew Bobby/Skippy/Whatever his name is...:)

Another bit of flotsam that just floated into my head this morning...

"Yo, Bobby!"


"I didn't get the job, man."

"That sucks, "Twaun....what happened?"

"I think that they wouldn't hire a black man with 1/4 gold tooth."

"What?  That's ridiculous, dude."

"I'm serious, Bobby.  Interview was going well, and then I smiled, just to show I was friendly.  Next thing you know they said that they didn't think I was a good fit for the job."

"Twaun, now come on now.  Every time things go wrong for you, you always blame your skin color.  I'm a white guy, but you don't see me as white, right?  We've been friends 20 years, and all I ever see you as is Twaun from the neighborhood."

"Bobby, man, you don't get it.  I love you like a brother, but I bet that if you went for that job after me, you'd have a better chance."

"Twaun, what are you talking about?  We went to the same high school and college.  Your GPA was 1/2 a point higher than mine.  About the only difference between the two of us is that you don't burn as easily in the summer...don't get mad, you know I'm joking...and that silly 1/4 gold tooth of yours."

"Damn it Bobby, I wish you were right man.  I really wanted that job, but not all white folks think like you do."

"Sigh.  Well, sadly I know this.  At the same time, and I am only saying this out of love, folks of color might want to look in the mirror and see that sometimes y'all hurt yourselves."

"What?  Bobby, be for real, man!  You know that we are always being kept down.  We even have a black president, and he can't do anything because of the angry white folks he has to deal with!"

"Twaun, our government was broken LONG before Obama took office.  You might be right on a lot of things, old friend.  But if you are ever going to win a war, you might want to get all of your soldiers onto the same page."

Bobby gave his friend a palm, tapped him on the shoulder, and went back into his brownstone.  Twaun watched him walked away, and then sat down on the stoop in front of the building.

In his heart, he knew that they were both right.

However, he still didn't have a job...all the while knowing that his people, despite old wounds and new attacks, was also possibly wrong.

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