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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Write....right! Part Deux

Blogging 2 days in a row.

That seems odd to me, since I almost forgot this site if mine existed.

I happened to look at the most visited posts I've made today while promoting my kid's book.  Sadly, the more controversial ones (race and the like) got hundreds of views. M

Now, I don't regret most things I say, even though it hurts my happy birthday wishes from folks.  I know I piss people off, which is why folks aren't talking about my latest creation.

But that is why I like to write, particularly here on my blog.  Obviously, folks I don't know came to those supposed "taboo" subjects and at least heard what I had to say...before I was declared a anal orifice.

But the written word....man it is cool, isn't it?  Misconstrued and understood.  Weak and all powerful, to the point it would make Mother Nature look like a punk donkey female dog.  It friggin' started wars, causes divorces, hell, were twisted (the Bible) to enslave dead people that are related to me.

But it is beautiful, isn't it?

How many poems wooed a woman's soul, or a book made you forget that your little girl got pregnant for the 3rd time before 18?

(Ok, maybe not forget it, but took the sting away for a second or two).

I write because the written word makes me immortal.  I have sold less than 30 books since I was published.  It stings, because I think the kids book is so unique, it would do well if people gave it a chance.

But my words are out there.  Those beautiful things that came from me are out there, and no matter what...as I continue to slug through another weekly existence, dreaming of beaches I may never see, wondering if I could pizza myself to death while I finally watch all those movies on Netflix queue...

...crap, was I typing out loud again?  Crap.

Those words.

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