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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and We B Ugly

Everyone, per the constitution, has the right to bear arms.

However, that doesn't give you the right to bear them just to show how big of a d**k you don't have, or how manly you think you have to be, or because you are a social reject you have to join other social rejects to make a social reject gang.  Oh, it also doesn't mean that you should carry enough weaponry for a small army into a crowd and shoot them up.

We are a flawed, flawed species.  And this country, this country that should be so proud of its accomplishments, instead is falling into the abyss.

We have either been brainwashed to think that our "rights are being taken away" (last I checked, no one was trying to change the 2nd amendment) or the old adage that "money talks, and bullshit walks" (I'm looking at you, NRA) is blocking good common sense.

My father had a variety of guns...he hunted and also had guns for protection.  As far as I know, he didn't own guns to prove how much of a bad ass he was.  Everyone has a right to watch their own ass, and I've said many a time that if is between you and me dying, I am damn well gonna make sure that it'll be you.

I am not blind to the fact that there is no way gun control will ever happen; it is too easy to get a gun, and until people say "enough is enough" and actually force the government to do something to cut down on this dumb shit, senseless shit (like this story in Indianapolis) will continue.

But carrying your gun everywhere laws like the ones in IN, and the one recently passed in GA makes no sense at all.

"You know Martha, I need to carry my Glock 42, cuz I think I'm in danger when I go to the supermarket to pick up those extra size tampons you need."

I've been mugged four times in my life. Have had guns in my face, knives, or just simply was outnumbered.  We are selfish and violent by nature; thankfully most of us can control those urges.

But confusing "freedoms" with what is simply a unwillingness to sit down and communicate with one another is simply slow, slow, slow genocide.

The story that I linked to above?  I have hung out in that area many a time in my 20's.  Believe me, if you go there, you wouldn't think shit like that would happen.  My, my, have things changed.

Does anyone ask why?

Is that what "the right to bear arms" means today?

I will finish my soapbox with this....my neighbors have a gun and two tasers in their home.  Hell, they have even taken their young son out to a gun range to shoot the damn thing.

I don't even blink.   It's in the Constitution.  They have a right to protect themselves. However, they are my friends because they have the good sense not to go get a soda and some chips while having their "piece" stuck in their drawers while doing so.

This ain't the time of the Old West.

But it sure is ending up like that.  I guess it's almost time for High Noon.

Might as well queue the music...Sergio Leone, you're up.

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