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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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With all the crap that has been going on in the news lately (and the ugliness that many choose to ignore is still alive and well) it saddens me that folks are choosing to ignore that this is a fractured land we live in.  I hate seeing folks who post things to continued to grow the rift (thug shit, he deserved it, ALL cops are just angels and no one understands how hard their jobs are, etc etc).

I will be the first to admit the blame...not all cops (well, except the NYPD it seems) suck.  I apologize for that, as that I have seen a few that seem to be decent people.  However, I am always careful, as that any seemingly wrong move could make me (or even more scarily so, my children) a news story.  I am a law-abiding citizen like most people, and I shouldn't feel that as that I am going to Wal-Mart and decide to pick up a toy guy (even if I was stupid enough to threaten someone playfully with it) that I would risk being blown away for it.

It's terrible that I am programmed to think that way, while someone else with straight hair doesn't have those problems.

 I will also say that in some ways, some groups bring a few things upon themselves with their behavior as well.  Some people are simply not good.  That crosses all lines, even though it seems that the light shines most brightly on folks who have more melanin than others.  But the media sucks...that's why I am glad I never used my degree.

Social media sites like Facebook is an interesting concept that I am glad that happened.  In a lot of ways (both good and bad, as that I feel we have forgotten how to simply sit down over a drink and have a conversation because of it) it has brought the world closer...as well as taken a few people (me included) down a few pegs.

When I post things like this, it all comes from the heart.  I know I have few friends, and most of this will either be ignored or just be chalked up as "G being G".  A good friend, who felt that I crossed the line when it came to bringing up things that I felt we as human beings and Americans need not to ignore asked me what gave me the right to say these things.  I should keep posting things like my ID issue the other day, because its the "funny" or "safe" thing to do.

That is all fine and dandy (god knows I am a very self-depreciating person; I like making folks laugh, even if it is at me), but while I may not have the respect of my youngest sibling, the issue that no one wants to sit and talk about these things just makes me SO sad.  People just keep on walking, acting like "well, it has nothing to do with me/it's their problem" in their mindset, figuring that it doesn't affect them.  The one thing that I've learned (and also have been at fault at as well) is that when you surround yourself with just one type of person, your mind closes.  You don't get the entire story before you form an opinion.  And that is simply doing yourself a disservice.

I can count the number of people of African Descent that I call actual friends on one hand.  That has always bugged me, as that while I believe one should have friends from all over the spectrum so you can open your mind to their experiences, I also feel that you need folks in your life that can relate to what it is like to live your life as you are.  But just as some folks are guilty of ignorance, folks who look like me are just as guilty.  I know this from being married to a Caucasian female, who is one of the brightest people I know.  With that being said, however, there are time that even she, because of the circles she keeps, is a little blind to certain things as well.  We are all sadly guilty of it.  Not expanding your experiences is a big reason why things like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin (never mind the toy gun thing at Walmart) took place.

Anyway, I am off to Walmart.  But I will end with this.  Whenever I see something that doesn't seem right, I am gonna share it.  I know due to my reputation, I won't get read like some folks.  I also know this is why I have received little support as I chase my dream of being a writer full-time (note, to all those who have supported me, I love and respect you all.  And btw, most of that support has come from folks who DON'T look like me).  But to answer my friend, I will answer that long ago question with this one...what gives me the right to be quiet and act if there is nothing wrong when there is?

And finally, to all my friends who have small children or are about to have kids, you can stop the bleeding.  Teach them to judge folks on their character.  It is the only true thing that anyone needs to see.  It isn't a stereotype, it isn't formed by media..and ultimately, it never lies.

Y'all have a good day...and be good to each other, no matter what.

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