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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm back, broke and still dreaming


It's been a few minutes since I've been back.

For that...well, I won't say I'm sorry I've been gone so long; I have been busy trying to chase a dream that keeps getting faster while I keep getting fatter on french fries.

Also, the news I've been seeing about how the U.S. is going ass-backwards in is history has made me a little lacking in words.

Anywho, on a whim I decided to pop in to see what was going on, and much to my surprise I've actually had some decent visitors.

That is crazy, considering the fact that it's been months since I've posted.

For that, I thank you.

Anywho, what shall I talk about on my first blog post of 2015?

Well, we have cops shooting fat black guys who owe child support, even though the man was unarmed.

That's recent news.  I watched it as I was sitting down enjoying my healthy lunch that made me wonder if eating healthy was worth the benefit.  It was one of those "Healthy Choice" frozen deals that taste like cow udders.  Not that I've been going around checking out the flavor of Bessie's milk faucets, but I am sure that my guess isn't way off.

I've also found that I have very few friends who want to help me chase my dream.  That is a little disheartening since over the years I've listened to everyone's little dirty secrets, offering advice, a willing ear, and an open heart.

Hmm...open heart.  I might have to watch that since the devil's always listening, and being fat and diabetic might make that a literal thing.

I also have been bummed since a lot of my Caucasian associates are so apathetic about what is going on here in America, not willing to say or stand up for the fact that no matter the shade, grade, or the rainbow quotient, we are all SUPPOSEDLY one nation under the deity of choice.  Our stubbornness has really sucked the life out of my inspiration to write and entertain with my semi-brilliant quips.

I know this is a weird posting, and for that I'll say sorry.  I guess as I head on the downslope to 50, I am a little sad for me...as well as for us.  I hate when I get jealous of people 1/2 my age making 500K a year, or other folks who made better choices (it seems by appearance) and are enjoying their small slice of history called their lives.  At the same time, I see a world about as bad (if not worse) than when biblically God just said "fornicate it" and washed all the dirt away and rebooted.

Anyway, I did write a book this year (my 4th), releasing it to the world.  It's called "90 Things that Irritate the Sh** out of me...Or at least make me frown."  It is supposed to be funny, and most folks do laugh (well, if you consider the 13 reviews I've received so far, outside of the complaints about the language and the singular "vulgar" comment).  I look it as the great blog gathering, all my thoughts out there for those who want to spend a few pennies on it.

However, I do admit that I miss dropping in and saying hi to those who come to check me out.  As the world continues to devolve, I may stop in more often and drop a few bits of Oddness and concern for your perusal.

Who knows...maybe y'all missed me or something.

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