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Friday, May 1, 2015

Vlog and my big log (not what you think you dirty minded devils!)


I vlog now.

It's called The Irritation Network.

Look, I have written on this blog for I believe 5 years plus.  It's fun.  I share myself, I share my views, I try to make you laugh and think.

At the same time, I have this dream...a dream where I can entertain folks, make them think, which in turn I hope leads to us treating each other a little better.  If you haven't noticed, things have gotten a little ugly here in the United States.

We need each other, folks.

We need to make each other laugh, help old ladies across the street and keep New England teams from winning world championships.

I of course really would like that people would look at each other like babies look at each other. They don't see color or prestige.  They don't care if their buddy has a nicer diaper on; they both will smell like shit eventually.  They see each other as equals; no jealousy, no bigotry, no bullshit.

Personally I wish I didn't have anything to talk about on this blog or my new vlog.

Said shit, sad business.

Anywho, since I am taking a small break from writing books, I'll be around.  For the 37K visitors who have stopped by, I thank you.

You should see my mouth moving.  It gets a little more interesting...:)

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