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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flag Hag

My two cents on the Confederate Flag issue, but first a personal aside...

My grandfather was murdered in 1998.  Of course this tore me up to no end.  My girlfriend at the time, Carla Updike was my rock (and my mom was grateful for that, because I was a hot mess).  Anyway we go down south for the funeral, and we were asked to go to an Office Depot (babe, correct me if I'm wrong on that) to get paper for the funeral program.  On the way, we get into some stupid argument about the paper.

We get out of the car and we are arguing vehemently (as we tend to do lol).  Anyway,  we are going at it, this black dude and tall white girl arguing in the one of the grand strongholds of the  South.

Then, as if God were saying, "hey dumb assess, turn your heads!" we both see this truck with a Confederate flag bumper sticker.

We immediately forgot what we were arguing about and said simultaneously, "Let's go."

This is funny years later, but it reminded us that this country was (and still is) royally messed up when it comes to race.

A few days ago the "General Lee" the famous car from the "Dukes of Hazzard" was to have its flag removed.  Also I saw that TVLand was discontinuing running the show.

Look, I get it.

But this is stupid.

Yes, the flag does remind folks about how jacked up the South is at times in its way of thinking, especially when it comes to race.  It's a reminder just as bad as the swastika is to Jewish folks.

With that being said, we keep forgetting one thing...that little thing in the Constitution called "Freedom of Speech."

As much as it offends folks, if some backwoods ass wants to fly that flag, it's their right to express that.

If the KKK wants to march, as long as they are not "smoking" (look it up online as slang, peeps ) non-whites, they can march.  It irritates me how folks twist things for their own purposes instead of just, like in this example the Constitution, simply following what it says.

The bible has been used like that for a couple of millennia now.

But since the country is mostly run by dudes, it's no surprise we didn't read the directions.

Do I wish that folks could just judge people on their character, and things like this didn't exist?


But sadly it does, so just as much as there was a right to a Million Man March or a gay pride parade, ignorant folks can voice that, well, ignorance.

Now when it comes to govt buildings, no, the Confederate Flag shouldn't be flown; it is supposed to be "for the people, by the people."

That means everyone, no matter the packaging.

But once again for such a supposedly intelligent race, we are truly our own worst enemy.

Oh, as for the General Lee, I love that car.  But it's a car on a fictional show about a couple of southern dudes who ran moonshine and jumped over shit without ramps.

I also watched  every episode (even the shitty ones with Coy and Vance...geech). Don't remember anything racist in it.

We need to find other things to fix.

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