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Monday, December 5, 2016

Yo God II (He be quiet)

If you believe in that sort of thing, God once was very visible and very real.  He split oceans, talked via burning bush, and chucked locusts at the bad guys.

Hell, he even turned sinners into pillars of salt.  Now when a being can turn you into a giant salt lick, you would think that you would listen to them.

But human beings generally tuned him out...until they needed him, like the aforementioned ocean split.

So he sends down his kid, and all he did was raise folks to the dead, make the blind see, and oh...got nailed like a Farrah Fawcett poster in the 70's, only to get back up 3 days later and say, "Hi ya doin'?"

We still didn't listen.

So God decided to shut up, skipping the water splits and leaving us an instruction manual instead.  The Old Testament is like the prequel with all the good effects, with the New T being Google Maps.

Simple climax to this flick....BELIEVE AND BE SAVED.

About the only thing that was left behind once the major stuff left was faith.

That doesn't mean that "miracles" don't happen.  Hell, Noah Gregory shouldn't medically be here (ruptured placenta tends to usually be fatal).  But God these days tends to do things on the quiet...

...once again if you tend to believe in these things.

There is a member of my inner circle who doesn't believe in
God.  Have had many a conversation with them, but they can't dig what they can't see, hear or feel.

Faith ain't science.

Since God exited stage right, we have done a lot of things that should get us tossed into the fire.  Racism, war, sexism, bigotry, greed....we won't bother to list the 7 deadly sins; we are guilty of them all.

I have never had the greatest relationship with God.  I frankly don't get the dude.  Grandfather served him all his life...he gets murdered in his bed.  Mother served him, she is WAY down the dementia path.  Good things keep happening to good people.

But we did tell him to shut up.

My cousin preaches his word.  My aunts are loyal servants.  My HBIL is a pastor (at least he is ordained to do weddings, anyway).  They teach the word, despite their own personal struggles (both for what they have and who they are).  They have faith.

Each day there is more bad news.  The United States have shown its ugly over the past decade, culminating in an election that was so ugly it should have a bag on its head.  Nightclubs are burned down (or shot up), and a man whose only crime (shitty crime, yes, but moving on) was not paying child support and being afraid of being smoked because he was black...then got smoked because he was black.

And once again, no justice.

Yet  human beings continue to do what they do, like lemmings going over the cliff.

Oh, and telling God to shut up.

How has that worked out?

Once again, assuming you believe...or have faith in anything anymore.

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