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Monday, July 3, 2017

Death, Life, Death, Life, Black, White, and a Hug.

A few thoughts as I get ready to get ready to start another work week.

As Carla mentioned earlier, a woman who works at a local supermarket here lost her son in a horrible fashion.  To my understanding it was the 2nd son that she has lost.  

I saw her as I was picking up lunch for work, and I gave her 2 hugs, teary eyed after the 2nd one.  I felt so bad about her, because this woman is one of the nicest PEOPLE I have ever met.

I know y’all think I beat the race card way too hard, but hold on for a second.  This woman is in her 80’s, but is in better shape than most people half her age (like myself…lol).  She loves Noah, who always calls her “Grandma.”  Here is a woman who grew up in a time where people like me well, were…not people in the eyes of many.

Just like I am today, right?

Any way, it amazes me when I meet people like this who just simply see me and my kids as just people.  It also saddens me how some people who grew up in the era of segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK (well, they are still here, but that isn’t the point)  can be…well…trump supporters and others just judge folks on their character.

Carla’s grandmother was like that…a grand old dame who was awesome at Scrabble and had a secret crush on Nat King Cole.

That shit would have gotten her ass beat if that was public knowledge in her day.

I complain and moan about money all the time, but the biggest thing I hate in life is seeing the way we have degenerated back to something that, while it has always been there under the surface, is all out and smelling up the joint.

I am sad when I see the things I see on the news all the time.  Not just to people like me, but everyone else who doesn’t fit in to the blinding WHITE vision that this country has had for 241 years.  

I don’t know how we have survived this long, not starting another civil war.

Then we have people like that wonderful old woman at the supermarket, greeting people with a true warmth that I wish we all had to share.  A person who simply saw a man and his son.

Just like I saw a heartbroken woman who I called a friend that needed a hug…or two.

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