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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The "4th" Time I've said this


I could say a lot of things about the country I was born in; hell, I have said a lot of things in the past.

When I think about the United States, I think of a great actor, performing a role for 242 years. Even though that role is Oscar-caliber, you can see that ultimately it is just great acting.

Now America isn't all bad (at least at the moment). Once upon a time folks could come here and hope for a new life, the way the place started in the first place (and most of its descendants have forgotten). We can (once again, for the moment) disparage our "elected" leaders if we don't agree how they are wielding the power we have bestowed upon them.

They used to call it "Freedom of Speech."

I remember when I came to Indiana some 23 years ago, waking up in a town called Ellettsville. The first thing I said to my former girlfriend was, "Holy shit, we are in Mayberry."

Now I have throughout the years raged against the machine due to America's racism, sexism, and bigotry. However I cannot deny that since I've been in Indiana, I have been treated fairly decently. Most of the police officers I have encountered have been pleasant folk, and I am, on the most part, left alone (except for a couple of instances I have mentioned in the past).

I also recalled the other day a story I posted on FB many moons ago in jest about going to a "redneck bar" to pick up dinner (broasted chicken; sigh, I miss that shit) and saying that I hope I make it out of there alive.

The irony in what was a sincere ribbing of the past is that now it is the reality of the present.

In today's America, as I was telling to a friend recently, a lot of people who I used to roll with, have drinks with, laugh with, and for a few of them even slept with (don't worry, all Pre-C) have flipped their lids open to show there true selves.

You can do that when you know there is no chance of repercussions for your actions (at least in this life, anyway). I have walked away from long-term relationships, and that makes me sad.

This is the true America, put to sleep by political correctness, now awakened to it s true self after an attempt to have all folks to be equal and judged on their character, in the hopes that our government will do what is best for all its people...

....even the ones that don't look or live like them.

I guess, as I sit here sleep deprived because our son cannot sleep past 1 am anymore on this 242nd birthday of the land that I am from, I cannot celebrate the great actor it has become. The role that it portrays was once about opportunity, now it is showing the world that it is an ugly thing, freed for the first time in decades to scream that if you don't fit into what is an "American", you can get the hell out...

...or we will put your children in cages. Or shoot you because of your skin. Or because you have different sexual organs you are less than. Or because your soul tells you you are supposed to be with a different sex (or BE a different sex) you are an abomination.

Or if you are my son and you can't understand why he rages, we will shoot you like that lady shot that giraffe that is all over the internet.

And don't let me get started on the American Indian; shit, they are the only folks a tier below the folks I just listed.

So yes, I will be grilling a steak today. I will enjoy my day off, because at least last time I checked, I am simply G. Eric Francis, author and federal employee, payer of taxes, obeyer of laws, good friend to those who deserve it.

But I cannot give an Oscar to an actor whose performance is finally beginning to truly crack for the world to see that is all it was....an act.

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