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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sigh, there goes another one, and Xmas w/o the "X"

Happy Holidays to all...

(not that anyone reads this shit, but I figured I'd be nice).

It's about 6 days before we celebrate (well, OK, some people do; I think Hanukkah is in full swing, so this may not apply) the birth of the Big "JC", or as I call him, the dude who doesn't return my calls.

(I can't blame him there; I am sort of a sinning, lustful, cursing a-hole. I wouldn't return my calls, either).

As I reflect on this holiday season, I wanted to take a few moments to look at what 2009 has brought us, especially as that there have been some seismic shifts in, at least, American Culture, and how we view things (or, in where I am going with this piece, people).

We've lost a few icons (MJ, Farah Fawcett, etc), seen the biggest sports star in the world show that even he can't keep his "clubs" in his golf bag(Tiger, dayam, at least u couldn't of upgraded....did u got to "Skank-Mart" to pick up some of the ho's u presumably banged?), and the world still limping along in a recession (which is the only reason I've had time to write sporadically these past 2 years). I am currently in my 40s (or, just started, but hell, my wife showed me a picture of myself when I was in my early 30's, and I feel like I shoved a helium hose up my ass and just kept the air going, I've gotten so big), and, sadly, I have accomplished little (well, beyond finding a woman who can put up with my immaturity, and creating 2 children, who, while like having a flu shot given to you in the penis, are most times my pride and joy) except disappoint myself. I guess it's the reason I try to be a good friend...I am trying to help others, if I can, avoid my dissatisfaction with my time on Earth so far.

In my bored, I, like others, spend a good amount of time on Facebook, the big thing at the moment in the internet landscape, and I look at folks who have done well, some who have suffered as I have, and some who are just trying to hang on. In a lot of ways, despite the world's economic troubles, it has always been that way, hasn't it? Even when we have had prosperity, there are folks who always getting screwed in life's "drive-thru" (much love, Joe Pesci).

I had some crazy ideas that have floated through my cranium in 40 years, but one of my favorite ones involved this scenario...

Let's just say, that, instead of rich folks, we all set a cap, of, oh, $100,000 (or whatever the equivalent would be in other countries), with the exception of leaders of countries (I think these folks are the only ones who should get the $400,000 or so the President of the U.S. makes) for everyone on the earth. Each person, say, would get a job based on their skill level, and they have to do that for life. Let's eliminate the class system, I say! I mean, where I live at (which is a nice area, BTW) is filled with snotty-assed, jumpsuit with stripes wearing stuck up people who think they're better than folks cuz they are driving a car from Germany or Japan that costs more that 50K. If you just eliminate riches, tax folks according, stop making pharmaceuticals so expensive you have to decide if you should die from starvation or being sick, and simply level the playing field, I think people wouldn't starve, folks may not divorce each other as often over money (just for chasing tail only, damn it!), and we wouldn't be stressing so damned much.

And perhaps a guy like me wouldn't have to take people's help to make sure his kids have a Merry Xmas...

...which isn't the point of the season anyway, but try explaining that to a 7 year old kid blinded by some fat ass in a red suit.


Ok, that's done.

Anyways, it's Christmas week, and I should be festive, right?

Well...let's say I am glad that I am still breathing...and sad that a distant family member had to bury her oldest AND her youngest about a week ago.

Or people who had everything wish that they only had inner happiness and peace (I.E. Mr. Jackson, who, for someone I've insulted over the years, has left me feeling a little less musical inside).

This world sucks eggs most times.

But, for the few that are still filled with the "Christmas Spirit", it gives me slight hope for a happy 2010.

Feliz Navidad.

(I do love that song).

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