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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "Brother-Dent", Part Deux

America...home of the double digit unemployment rate, can't find a job havin', confused 48 year old black president, headin' towards a Sarah Palin Presidency of the brave.

(OK, maybe the Palin thing was a bit much; that woman is only good for kneepads and bad Katie Couric interviews).

A lot of folks here in the ol' U.S. of A are a little ticked off at our history-makin' prez. Ya see, the man, I believe, didn't read the fine print on the "be careful what you wish for" manifesto when he got picked for this job.

He's had a few flub ups (the xmas plane thing, the major flaws in his health care plan, Joe Biden sticking his own penis in his mouth a few times, etc). He spent his 1st State of the Disjointed (oh wait, I meant "Union") apologizing for the, well, non-existent progress that has taken place under his command. Ok, the Dow has bounced back somewhat...but realistically, that's the only good news that has taken place in the 373 days (as of this posting) the man has taken office.

Now, as a person of color, of course this bothers me a tad, as that the fact that this country, after, oh, nearly 233 years got its head out of its Declaration of Ass-apendence and decided "hey, let's not pick another middle-aged white dude who couldn't give a shit about anyone except, well, other middle aged white dudes, and give the black guy a shot." And while (as I mentioned in my previous post in 2008) I know folks of melanin-surplus are still happy that President Obama hasn't had his ass blown off in the literal sense, there are still plenty of bullets hitting the man due to, well, him not performing the miracle of cutting unemployment in half, kicking bank's asses for putting us into this mess by lending people $ that they knew they couldn't pay back, f'ing around in Afghanistan (note to Barrack: it's never good for the leader of the free world to himmer and hum over a military decision...indecisiveness will get u back to Illinois to cry over the White Sox REAL quick), and general "duh!" moments.

Now, President Obama is a brilliant man, and he can put together a hell of a speech to make you feel good about yourself. And to be honest, I think he is the first guy that I've seen that I don't feel like "eh...he's full of shit!" when he speaks. (Not to say that he doesn't get facts wrong, i.e. like the "you lie!" comment a while back).

Sadly tho, he is a too logical of a man, trying to bring together 2 parties that, well, could give 2 craps about the American public that has put them in their seats in the first place. "We have to be right" is the motto of both their parties, with neither one trying to consult their constituents. And now, with Mr. Obama losing his filibuster-proof majority, he is on a slippery slope that will lead to lame-duck status 2 years before it (may) happen (once the Democrats get swept out of office in November, barring a major comeback of his presidency).

I am not hating on Barrack Obama. It would be an honor to meet the man...if for only the fact that he has shown other melanin-plus folk that you don't have to run a football or have a fancy slam dunk to be someone memorable in this country. In that, he'll go down in history.

However, he's headed towards Jimmy Carter-ville if things don't swing around quickly.

A final point, then I'm gonna make dinner.

No one is giving the guy a break. Have you EVER seen this much coverage of a sitting president in the last 50 years?

President Obama is doing this....Obama is doing that...Obama wiped his ass and tissue was hanging from his trousers.

Gawd, this is why I didn't pursue a career in Journalism, despite my degree. The media is so full of shit, Miralax said "screw that, I can't fix this plug up."

He's black. If this guy was your typical white dude prez, unless we were nuking whatthefuckitscallastan, it wouldn't even get to the late part of the news.

We are holding him to a higher standard because he is "the first"...and that just isn't right. If John McCain won, would the media care (outside if the old fart was wearing Depends during the State of the Union)?


Be real...at least I am holding him to a standard of this regard...

...perhaps he just didn't read that damned fine print on the "President of the U.S.A" job description.

Well, it may not matter.

If things don't turn around fast, we'll be back to those stiff middle age melanin deprived dudes again...

...or worse, we'll be renting "Whose Nailin' Palin" video if Sarah P gets a shot.

Might as well...we're getting screwed anyway. Might as well enjoy it.

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