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Monday, March 26, 2012

A FB Copy, Book 1

This is something I Posted on FB, and wanted to share it with folks. I actually submitted it to the NYT; however, I figured just drop my rantings on my blog page, as that it's been a minute since I've been back.

Dear America:

It's been nearly 236 years. Your ancestors ran from tyranny from the British, yet, it seems your own citizens are busy trying to crush those who you don't think are worthy, just so you can hold onto your own power. Slavery has been gone for 136, yet black folks not only have to worry about walking around minding their business and getting shot for NOTHING except being guilty of having better tans, but are killing themselves physically as well as mentally. The rich simply don't give a f*** about the middle class, who they are trying to snuff out of existence.

A president, who, despite his many flaws, is judged more on what his religion is, or if he is a socialist or not, where ultimately, if he was a white guy from the Hills, no one would say s***. I know this because the man who proceeded him, the one who actually brought this country from a good place to a huge deficit, chasing a war that his daddy couldn't finish, is being wished he could serve a 3rd term. We are so utterly divided, because of how we are were raised, or the hatred and ignorance that is taught to all sides, that there truly is no hope that we can all sit in a room, forgetting about the color of skin, the size of the bank accounts, or whether or not you may like the same sex or worship the same god, and simply having a conversation, figuring out what the hell is wrong, and, wait, fixing it.

I am sorry, because I am sure I'll piss off some folks, but what is truly wrong with just judging a human being on their character? Or trying to not be mad because someone has a nicer car than you, that you have to put a bullet in his or her ass instead of being happy with that Hyundai you drive? I have seen dirt ass poor people happier than the richest person, because they have a family full of love and respect. Is it too much to make happy endings something that happens besides in movies?

I guess the T Martin thing simply struck a nerve. I remember the Yusef (forgive the spelling attempt) Hawkins killings in the 80's when I was growing up in NYC (or the fictional, even though inspired in fact, climatic scene in the brilliant "Do The Right Thing"). I actually called my cousin, who has lived in Brooklyn most of his life, to see if it was safe to bring my white wife and my interracial children to go to an Aquarium one of these days.

How sad is that in 2012?

Sad enough to have something so obvious as a 17-year-old kid who didn't join a gang, seemed to be a normal kid, walking home 1 minute with some Skittles, and now is a buffet for worms.

God Bless America.

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