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Monday, March 26, 2012

A FB Copy, Book 2

Sort of the Sequel....out!

B4 I head off for a baseball game on the Xbox b4 bed, I wanted to share a quick story about my son and I. Jared and I, well, butt heads like two goats fighting over a Pepsi can. He's, well, different, as was I when I was a lad. A social reject, girls didn't dig me, and well, I got teased more than an 80's white girl's hair.

I see a lot of myself in Jared, which scares the shit out of me, because he is someone of so much talent, intelligence, potential, awesomeness, and a gift that could make him so successful in this world.

Then I think of T. Martin. He sounds like a kid similar to Jared. 17 years old...only 7 years and change older than Jared. Gone.

I butt heads with my boy, I yell at him WAAAAAAY too much due to frustration when he stares at me blankly, and I know he hasn't heard a damned word I said. He's been lying to me lately, and I think about all the bullshit I fed my mother back in the day. Never say Karma isn't a raving bitch (or a non-paying child support asshole, to be fair). However, I love him so, and I can't imaging what T Martin's parents have had to deal with for the past month and change. The outrage that this country has presented is admirable...

...and quite fruitless. No one will change, because it is the human race's fatal flaw.

So, as a father of a child who one day will probably be hated or disliked because of his mixed heritage, never mind the other child who was blessed with a 3rd Chromosome probably hearing "retard" in his future. However, I keep on fighting, trying to make at least the older one see that I am not just the guy he considers "mean." I am just a dad, who grew up in the Bronx, been mugged 3 times, has been called nigger twice, has had older Caucasian females get nervous around me, even tho I haven't dressed like the stereotypical young rap fan in some 20 years. I have also seen my own people destroy themselves, kill themselves, and make it to the point that I am more worried when I am with my kids when I see someone who may look like T Martin did, even tho he may be just as innocent as that young man was.

That makes me just as guilty as the piece of shit who is running free in Sanford. Except I may joke at times about everyone, but I wouldn't shoot a white guy cuz he looked like a skinhead.

Maybe hand him a lollypop (anyone over 35 will get the reference), but that's it.

So, to conclude, Jared and I, well, we butt heads. But I'll keep on risking a stress related heart attack, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one day I'll get him to stand up, listen, believe in himself, stop being a dumbass (I know, that won't happen; he isn't even a teen yet...get the Reggae Red ready, Carla Updike Flagler!) and well, grow up and not have me bury him because he was on his way back home, and he happened to wear the wrong bit of clothing.

Note, he lied to me 3 times this week, and I warned him that if he did it again, that shiny iPad of his is on eBay the next day.

If I gotta be the meanie that's also a dick, I guess I better get some fitted condoms.

Hope all y'all who stuck around on FB w/me have a good week.

At least baseball starts in 10 days...:)

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