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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A bullied-short pslam from the church of future

You know, I am not going to lie and say I never made a comment or a joke about someone's sexual orientation, race, religion, or whatever.  I am a personal believer that very few subject are taboo to humor.  But when you are evil about that shit; when you are degrading about someone, just to crush their souls to the point where they end up taking their own lives, well, that just makes you a murder and a punk ass bitch/asshole.  It just sickens me every time some kid, who does't have the maturity to say "fuck off' to other kids who don't understand how they are destroying lives, can't take it anymore and ends it all, it makes me wish that there was some law to hold those who drove them to that point responsible.  It is no better than any hate crime, except their words are the murder weapon.

Just my two cents, but it makes me worry about my own hypersensitive oldest...all the damn time.

I need to get something that works soon.  My boys can't leave where they go to school.  Not that it can't happen to them where they are; kids are fucking stupid no matter where u live.

Sorry for the f'bombs, but as someone who was bullied himself/a social outcast a few times, my heart goes out to these families, and these lost souls.

Now back to the NBA Playoffs.  That's more important, right?

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