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Sunday, April 22, 2012

And onto other, bigger, stupid problems...


Home of what the chicken snot are we doing to ourselves, where 90% of the paper resides in the hands of old men who if they could, would grab a big ol' bottle of "White Out" and remove the Constitution.

Wait, perhaps they have done that already, huh?

I am sorry that I have been gone so damned long, but that pain in my ass called life has been blocking my synapses from writing something funky, deep, possibly funny to those who get the joke, or just rambling because this blog doesn't cost me anything but time not collecting paychecks.

However, in the several months that I haven't dropped some useless words on my millions (and I mean million) of fans, first, a commercial break, a bit of silence for Mr. Dick Clark.  A man who proved that music can come from every area, every race, every place.  Cuz music ain't color, it's joy.

Ok, enough of that bullshit.

(Not the music part, but you know, me delaying crap).

I just got bitchslapped by family members recently at a recent roast (oh wait, family get together) where I was lambasted because my oldest kid, who hasn't listened less to me in nearly 10 years than deaf people have their entire lives, pissed me off one time too many and, well...I sold his shit (computer and Xbox).

By law, I am only supposed to supply food, shelter, and clothing to my result of 10 seconds of pleasure (which is leading to so far 10 years of pain, w/more to follow).

Hey, can't whoop ass like slaves like my folks used too (which makes me chuckle, as that a black family, u would think WHIPPING FOLKS WITH STRAPS WOULD BE THE LAST THING U'D DO...BUT ANYWHO), cuz they'll call the police on u.

Beginning to wonder if being someone's jail bitch is less painful than parenthood.

Anyways, his grandmother gets him a new machine, so I can't sell that one...but u know, nothing beats being told that, well, u were too harsh as a dad.

Umm...can I get a DeLorean, so I can go back to the 1970's and 80's?

It is amazing how the memory of parents tends to conveniently go away when called to task on what you may have done to ur children...even if the kids really deserved it...

...and trust me, I deserved it.

But as I enter my 2nd decade of parenthood, I know I can use work.  I got a friend who would slap the shit out of their kid, and their kids still do things that piss them off.

I shake my head, as that I know that all kids are, well, friggin' stupid like the characters in "Dumb & Dumber."

Then again, so was I.  Actually, as I was calmed down by my wife last night because the same kid who just received a $600 computer system from his grandmother was being a dick drip, and I, well, sigh...sort of got made and used colorful metaphors to let him know I am the big dick in his house...

...even tho I partially acted like, well, a big dick.

So I apologized...and let him know that I was a stupid kid, to, well, 35 years old or so.

The point is...it seems that even tho I make my mistakes as a parent, it ain't even in the crime log of life compared to how folks are raising their kids.

Hate niggers?  Check.  I have more $ than you, so you are lesser than me, and piss on ya?  That was in 2nd period.

I saw some genius bumper advertising about the current President of the US and we shouldn't "re-nig" and elect him again.

What fine parenting came into that brilliant grown up?

It is like planting seeds in shitty ground, over and over again, to get the weeds of stupidity and discontent.

We don't know any better, right?  It is the only way we know, and of course, even if that means that our kids grow up w/a ghetto mentality, or act as that they deserve everything because "mumsy" and "father" got paid and think they are gods, that is the excuse, validating dumb-assness.

My oldest said about a month ago that all black people are supposedly poor.

Of course, his black father has purchased or built him 6 computers in 5 years...4 + of those where he was unemployed.

Now, where he got that from, I'll never know.  It sure as hell wasn't from me, nor his Caucasian mother.

But I bet that somewhere in school, that seed was planted by the previous sharecropper (and yes, I used that word on purpose), who begat and begat and begat.

Yup, those parents sure have shitty ass memories.

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