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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A story about me, the finale

Ain't too much to say after that.

Underachieved, kids are unique, dreams are near death like a house across the street from a graveyard.

But, it is an odd void.

I smile most days.  I don't get to talk to many of my old hanging partners.  Get a Facebook poke here and there.  And the silence from the East Coast hurts a lot.

I cause self controversy, and I inflict many of my own wounds.

But there are others worse off.

This will be short.

The one with the way with words have run out of pathways.

A new president or an old one will sit in victory 35 days from this date.

We haven't learned much in 236 years.

I have learned some in 43.

I wish for things...but don't know how to realize them.

And my son thinks I am mean.

But so do other sons.

This is the story of me...convoluted, kind, loving, and the funk.

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