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Monday, October 8, 2012

The 2-way lifeway

Faith and Prayer. Prayer and Faith.  Atheist vs. Christian.  Had an associate who was an atheist; he says that there isn't a way to win an argument with someone who believes in Jesus, because faith is their basis.  This was several years ago, and I have always remembered that conversation.

I am...well, I was brought up in the church, but I have had very little faith over the past 2 decades...even though God (or something) continues to never to be late when I need help most.  However, I curse, I look lustily at the opposite sex, and I tend to be self centered at times.  However, I will do anything for a friend, listen to anyone's problems, and try to  be the best human being I can.

However, if I died tonight, assuming everything my mother taught me, I'd go to hell.

It is a question that I ponder everyday...

I live near a cemetery...it is a constant reminder of my mortality.  And I always think about that argument.

Was he right?  Was my mother right.

And ultimately, what the f**k am I doing here?

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