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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forgetful and Sadness - The Musical

I have a problem, and I wonder if anyone cares enough to help.

It's been a sad 24 hours plus here in the United States.

I am sure that folks have hugged their kids, uncles and aunts have hugged their nieces and nephews, and so on and so forth.

Then, once the funerals are over, the President makes his visit, and the media gets bored of exploiting the shit out of this...

...we will go back to normal, until this happens again.

I have spent the afternoon watching banter btw a couple of associates of mine, discussing the pros and cons of what should of been done, gun control, no gun control, it won't stop anyone, it would, and so on.

Another friend of mine (god bless him I am fond of him, but sometimes...) sarcastically mocked the gun control issue in reference to the 22 stabbing incident in...China, I believe.

Guns.  Weapons  Bullets. Crazy mother fuckers who got issues, that instead of offing themselves (note, not condoning suicide, but hey, if u r that pissed, don't take folks with u don't the toilet), they want to become famous or some shit.

I have a degree in Journalism Studies..."Syracuse" stamped across it, even tho I have stepped on the campus of Syracuse ONCE.

The media is having a field day, talking to the kids (i.e. "witnesses") and playing that soft music to elicit emotions from its viewers.

It is all a big show...a production...everything, from Fox News to how we feel at home.

And I know what we feel at home is real.  I know the sadness for all that were lost yesterday is palatable.

Hell, I've shed a few tears...couldn't even read the list of the victims, knowing most of them were under 10.


Columbine sucked.  The Denver Movie Theater Sucked.  Those folks are dead, too.

My associates had valid points during their arguments...but I believe, like my other friend, are missing the point.

The human race has horrible short term memory. We are self centered sons of bitches who only look out for ourselves most days.  And, despite the sadness we feel today, as well as all the other times this has happened (and will feel again), we just don't get it.

Or don't care to get it.

I fell into the trap w/my gun control rant (which lead to a debate btw my associates), when instead I should of said...

"Why can't a supposed intelligent species find a way to reduce this from happening?"

Note, I said REDUCE.  There will always be crazy mother fuckers who can get a hold of a gun.  The NRA, tree huggers, or whomever side you get on, even if they all got together and sung "We Are The World...just learn to duck" still won't stop this from happening again.

Because we are animals by nature...it just depends on how evolved the group u r hanging with is.

I guess that is the real tragedy.

Just like these words.

Some may read it and say "there he goes trying to get attention again."
Or, it may make a few think.

But, like most words, this diatribe will be forgotten.

And what happened in CT will happen again someplace else...hopefully not anywhere near where you or I live.

I guess my question is this...where are we when a 20 year old kid can get a weapon that only folks who wear camouflage supposed to have?

And why can't we learn the lines when the same movie keeps being played?

Next Saturday, if the Mayans are right, it may not matter.

But, I am guessing we won't be as "lucky."

I guess my problem that I keep hoping for the best from people.

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