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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not about me, it's about us.

Some people think I am quite funny.

Some consider me a good man.

Some consider me a good friend.

Some think I am a loudmouthed, whiny know it all who sponges off his wife and refuses to get a job.

Some people think I am a perfect example of why folks of color are no damned good.

Most ignore me.  I'm used to that.  But not everyone, and for those who don't....thank you.  I've looked at my "friend" list, giving serious thought of paring it down in half.  I guess my idea of friendship is that where you actually interact with people beyond a keyboard.

But what bugs me today is that one life seems to be worth less than another.  I don't get that.  We are all born the same way (tis why all women should be respected; as Chuck D once said, "Without Sisters, there'd be no misters")  I also don't get that while the big viral thing these days (and note, excellent, excellent cause)very few, if any, can't see that a life is everything.  More than possessions, or fame (the fact that very few entertainers from all cultures have said NOTHING, but will sure as hell dump ice water on their heads) human life is so damned fragile.  I've been mugged thrice, with knives and guns pointed at me.  I could have become a statistic.  Part of the reason why I moved to the MidWest...even tho now the city I've called home is a damned semi-war zone.

My boys were born from parents of different cultures, but similar experiences.  I sadly though have to tell my oldest the following...

"Just because your mom is white doesn't mean shit.  As far as the police are concerned, you are black and a suspect."

Anyway, I go now.  I leave saying these last 2 things.  A semi-associate told me that when I write, do it because you love it.  Do it because you have something to say.  I feel that I do, whether it is a story to entertain, or pointing out the obvious that people ignore, since it isn't their "problem."

The last 8 days...man...I shed a tear.  I shed a tear for the "States of America."

We sure as fuck aren't united.

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