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Sunday, May 24, 2015

This is me. Come along if you wish.

Happiness is truly 95% in the mind.

It took me 3 + decades to understand that, and a few years after that to believe it.  Your life could be a giant pool of bullshit, drama, money worries, sickness and just all around bad luck.  However, depending on what your mindset is you could be the happiest person in the world.

Yeah, life can get u down at times.  For example, I received some distressing news this morning, made even worse because due to my finances, there isn't anything I could do about it.  Also the fact that my writing efforts have been met with little support (even though I am VERY THANKFUL to those folks who have tried to help), the inability to  go to family functions (seeing pictures online hit me hard) and my kids being unaware of my side of the family has put me in such a funk it isn't even funny.

But it is a mindset; a way that the dirtbag below (if u believe in that sort of thing) gets u under his/her thumb.  And it is so easy to just say screw it and quit.

Told my wife that I wasn't going to write anymore.  I get jealous when I c folks do awesome things because they can afford it.  My long time friends don't let me know when they r in town, never bothering to visit.  People I have known since childhood I rarely speak to or my calls aren't returned.

It's a lonely existence.

Will I probably bounce back and be the silly, tactless and blunt me again?


And yeah, for those who don't already have my posts blocked, I am sure this will be ignored.

But sometimes that mindset gets battered, so I rage to empty the bad and reset the jalopy called my mind so I can think straight again.

My name is Greg.  I sometimes go by my alter egos TBMFKAG or my author name G. Eric Francis.

I am a good friend.  I help when I can.  I am a flawed father, with little patience like my old man b4 me, but I'm trying.

And the one thing that has never changed about my mindset is that I despise losing.

I guess that is why I foolishly keep trying.

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