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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Opinions and an Anus

I have met and gotten to know folks who, while we may not agree on shit, we do have mutual respect for each other as people.

When I wrote 90 Things, I did it because while O knew folks may not agree with how I view the world, I hoped that folks would read it and respect it.

I look at some of the posts on the various social media sites that I follow, and while I have no issue with folks being passionate on topics (education, police brutality, hell, whether or not a movie sucked), I've always had an issue with folks who are so blind with their opinions it is impossible for them to see pass them.

For example, I feel that folks can't see that we need to change, judging each man, woman and child by their actions.

However some folks are so stuck in the view of "if one is guilty, they all must be" it hampers us as human beings.

One's opinion can be admired or ignored based on if they fit into what society legs as "normal" instead of at least listening to other thoughts even if it isn't the popular opinion.

That saddens me.

There are times that I wish to walk away from FB.  Besides my own personal reasons, the negative side of social media is that all of a person's ugly is out there, protected by a screen and a keyboard.

It is cool to have an opinion.

It is not cool for that opinion to not have a crack in its doorway to consider that perhaps that opinion is more harmful to u and others than it is helpful.

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