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Monday, June 15, 2015

Speaking out of turn

It's quiet.

I have about 22 minutes left b4 I return to finish my Monday at work.

I then will return home to go get dinner, since we don't cook on Monday's and Friday's.

I am 41 days from the downside into my 50's.

I yell at my kid too much, even tho he can b a dumbass.

I had a best friend who doesn't seem to interested in the "best part", and that stings.

I get new ides every day about books, sequels, and poetry, but my failures haunt me.

Silence is my only friend, and no one seems to care.

I wonder if an old friend was right and there is only the finite and then nothingness.

Would people whose lives are going well be able to hang if shit hit the fan?

I actually miss arguing sports with someone who is an absolute bigot.

It brings tears to my eyes when people don't see people as people.

Women who are true to themselves, no matter what society says, are the most beautiful to me.

My knees hurt when my hip stops hurting.

I would be surprised if I get to 70...even more so if my mind is still just as good.

I wish I could take my kids to Disney world b4 they get too old to care.

Sometimes I miss Utica NY And Syracuse...and the folks who still live there.

I am sad for my parents.

Money won't buy you happiness, but it'll pay for the search.

Indianapolis I owe an apology to.  While I will never consider this home, it has grown into a fine city, despite its crime problems.

I may trim down my so-called "friends list."  Others are sad here and the world embraces them.  I am like the homeless on the street...ignored.

I wish I was closer to my siblings and cousins.

Oh, and I miss NY Pizza.

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