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Thursday, April 21, 2016

When The Doves Finally Cried

No words.

Now that eye have composed myself over this morning’s heartbreaking news, let me tell u guys a quick story.

When Michael Jackson died nearly 7 years ago, eye was playing with Jared when he was still that freewheeling fun kid before Aspergers got a hold of him.  The news broke over my phone, and my mother called me immediately thereafter 2 confirm the news.  

Eye tried 2 call my brother DeWayne, the world’s biggest fan of his, but he wasn’t taking calls.  Eye had no idea what he was feeling…until 2day.

My aunt took me and my 2 cousins 2 go c “Purple Rain” on my 15th birthday.  Eye was a fan of Prince for a couple of years, but, and eye am not ashamed 2 say this, eye fell in love with the man and his music that night.  When eye was in college and a social reject, eye blasted his music whenever eye felt alone or upset.  Eye tried 2 talk my future wife in2 playing the song, “Friend, Sister, Mother, Lover, Wife” for our first dance (she quickly said no J )  Even as his star faded and his aggravating tendencies came out as he aged, I was loyal to everything he did, even if eye knew each new album wouldn’t sell 10,000 copies. 

Music has changed in2 a business, lacking in innovation and becoming nothing more than the marketing of the next pretty face.

But Prince Rogers Nelson was a musician.  And his fans loved him.  And the musical world respected him even if he pissed them off.

There is some irony in his passing.  

Prince once joked in 1 of his obscure album cuts about Elvis being found dead on his bathroom floor.

2day irony paid Mr. Nelson one final visit, even though he was found in the place where he made his magic.

As for my brother, eye now understand what  you feel that day.  Yes, we have the albums…the music.  That is the 1 thing I always hoped 4 myself in my writing; 2 live on in my work after eye am gone. 

But today, the last bit of my youth died in Minnesota.  My old friends rarely speak 2 me anymore, my mother is fading away every day, and my dreams remain stagnant.

But eye always had Prince R. Nelson.

Eye still do, even if we will now never know what new idea was running in his head when God called him home.

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