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Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I wish the world was more like Michael Jackson

I miss Michael Joseph Jackson.

Now, I don't miss the broken, drug confused, money blowing, ended up destroying himself Michael Jackson.

That dude was well, just fucking sad.  June of 2009 broke my heart...not only because he was gone, but the way he absolutely went out like a bitch.

Now...the 1980's MJ...you know, the one who was still identifiable as a person of color, the Gheri Curl dripping, white speckled glove wearin', moonwalking and stopped the world one night in 1983, launching an era of dominance not seen since Elvis' heyday doing wunderkind that, well, did something that no one ever did b4 him (or since).

He made white kids, black kids, Asian kids, Indian kids, Jewish kids, blind kids, special need kids, and hell, anyone who had a brain, heart, a pair of good ears, and so forth...

...dance together.

Play together.

Sing together, even if they were off-key, not caring if the person next to them was a different race, culture, bank account level, or whatever difference.  You slapped on "Thriller", and that kid who would of never spoken to before simply nodded with a smile on their face.

They got it...they had that same red, zippered all over the place jacket you had in the closet (if you were lucky enough to get one).

You knew that that bitch Billy Jean wasn't his lover...and the kid was definitely not his fucking son.

(Yeah, I am cursing a lot, but let me flow for a few more minutes, and u'll c why a am a little fired up on this post).

Michael J used music to do what Martin Luther King couldn't do...he was able, even during the length of a 4 minute on average song, to make people just act like...well, people.

Then, I look at my society...my world, my country,

Some folks feel that we are headed to doomsday.

Some feel that we are OK.

Some feel like they have been lied to.

Some say it is my way or the highway.

All are steadily pointing fingers at each other, without, I don't know, listening to the beat.

We are sort of like those zombies from the "Thriller" video (note, IMHO, still the greatest video ever made).

Listen to the beat...see if you can find the common chord that all those people from all over the world felt...each nodding in rhythm in unison, understanding what it was, and for a minute, finding something that is so rare these days.

Some common ground.

So, the music stopped for Michael Joseph Jackson on June 25, 2009, much like his heart did in his room.

Everything in music is processed now, for the specific reason of making a quick buck, instead of making those white kids, black kids, asian kids, blind kids, ugly kids, geeks, losers, popular dudes and gals, and everyone in between nod in unison, saying "shit, that's a good song."

I don't think MJJ realized how powerful he truly was when he was in his heyday.

It is just too bad that the possibility that we all could find somewhere to meet in the proverbial middle, no matter what package (or what is in the package) we are wrapped in.


daggone it.

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