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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Write...Write....Right! (note sure if this is part II, but I'll cover my bases)

"I am a guy chasing a dream of writing stories for a living.  It is all I've wanted to do (besides being a DJ, 'cuz I LOVE music) since I was 8 years old.  In 2005 I started my first book, "A Prayer for the Dying", finally publishing it in 2012.  I then followed up with a book for children (based on stories I told my oldest when he was a pup) called "Cluck The Undercover Chicken."  It is one of my favorite projects.  For this new book, I decided to step into some controversial territory, based on some posts on my blog site, "The Future's Domain."  I posted a couple years back my views on homosexuality, as that I have a couple of family members who are either gay or lesbian.  Combining that with other entries (the book is partially true, with a lot of fictional fluff tossed in) I came up with "A Beginning, No Middle, And And End."  It's a story of a successful gay man in the mid-21st century who has to deal with a dangerous situation as well as the bigotry of his father, a man bitter because his quit on his own dreams long ago.  

When I wrote the first book, I hoped to strike gold and not have to work anymore.  The 2nd book was based on my wife's faith in my storytelling skills.  This one, and the others after it, will simply be because I love to write.  If I get lightning in the bottle, so be it."

I wrote this the other day while promoting my 3rd book, "A Beginning, No Middle, And An End." While it was used for a commercial purpose, everything I said there was absolutely true.  I've been writing stories for 37 years now, and like this blog, it allows me to share feelings, thoughts, observations, or just my strange imagination with folks.  I always like to make people smile, whether it would be via laughter, crassness, or just my odd observations of life.  Writing has always been my one "superpower"; a source of strength and magic, joy and pain, and release when my real work (as it so often does) sours.

"The Future's Domain" will always be a home to me, even though I know I let months go by b4 I return to it.  There is no money in it for me, I am no where near the top of the Internet food chain, and I am sure I've made a few people's eyes roll in the back of their heads.  The big thing, thought, is that as long as that big search engine company is here, it won't be taken from me, and hopefully, it'll be found by others LONG after I'm gone.  Whether it is a political subject, controversy, sex, life, relationships, or just me sharing something personal, in my words, I am eternal.

That isn't too shabby.

Keep on coming back.  I am sure another life even will cause me to return here to bore ya...:)

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